How To Write An E-mail


Odds are you already know how to right and e-mail, considering you write them daily but since you most likely send e-mails to people you know, you most likely don’t have to worry about landing in the spam folder. Trying to write a business e-mail is a whole different ball game that requires a lot more finesse if you are trying to get a high open rate.

The first thing most people when they check there inbox. Most people look at who sent the e-mail and check the heading to see if it catches their interest. If neither catches their interest, they simply move it to the trash bin. As an affiliate marketer, you want your e-mail opened and read. I mean how else are you going to make a sale.

Getting Your E-mails Opened

You have 50 characters in the subject line including spaces you can utilize. Make them count, because what you say will certainly make or damage your following e-mail campaign. The subject line needs to be appealing and also grab the attention of the reader.

Your local newspaper is the best place for headline/subject line ideas. Like paper headlines, your e-mail subject line need to inform the recipient what to anticipate in the e-mail. Of course, there is no guarantee that this will always work. One of your campaigns make be a success while your other campaign might be a complete flop. Your success rate will go up with some practice, a few hints and a few tips.

To make sure you reduce the number of misses, you must follow the first rule of e-mail marketing which is split testing. You are checking designs and also trends that appear to have success. Choose your subject line BEFORE you compose your body content. For any e-mail campaign this needs to be the first thing done. Test it on your team or maybe on part of your e-mail list.

So for example, lets say we have a e-mail list of 300 people. You can do a split test here by sending two different subject lines to your list and keeping track of how many opens you get per each subject line. See which one is most successful. Change one word on it and resend it to your email list. This is a technique you are going to be using throughout your e-mail campaigns mostly because each campaign will be different so you will to split test each one.

So getting people to open your e-mail is one thing, but if it’s not converting, then it is essentially a failed campaign. Now not everyone is going to sign up or purchase from you and that is fine, I mean you can’t win them all, but make sure to keep track of the rate of conversions to opened e-mails.

The second rule is personalizing the subject line. Generally this only applies if you are not sending bulk e-mails because it is just not practical, but for more for if you are suiting the content and interests of the e-mail to your prospects interests.

The third rule is to simply tell the truth. Don’t mislead your subscriber by promising more than the e-mail actually offers. The best way to lose creditability and make sure your next e-mail goes straight to the trash bin, is not have your subject line oversell the content of your e-mail.

The fourth rule is to develop a relationship. You want to start a conversation with your e-mails and to make sure each one you send continues that conversation. You to develop a trust so you are not just cold e-mailing someone who you don’t have a relationship with. This makes it hard to tell them about your business and potentially make a sale.

The fifth rule is making sure they know who the e-mail is coming from. Remember you have 50 characters in the subject line, so, make sure to put your name in the from line.

What About Content?

Content needs to follow on from the subject line, and you better keep it interesting. You want your subscriber to read the whole e-mail so you want to make sure the content keeps them interested. Remember the body content is going to have your call to action. This is where your potential sales come from.

. Do not quit sending e-mails. Not everyone is ready to make a purchase right off the bat, but the more persistent you are and the more of the relationship you develop with them, the better chance you have of making the sale, which is the ultimate goal in starting an e-mail campaign and an online business.



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